Talent Concept

Create space for staff development, and common development of enterprises and employees.
In order to implement talent-level strategy, the company firmly establish a “people oriented” concept, the constant deepening of human resources management system, create a good environment to accelerate the growth of talent personnel restructuring, and optimize the allocation of human resources, vigorously training, the introduction of the company’s business development in urgent need of Talents; establishment and development of the company adapt to the requirements of the personnel training, selection, evaluation and incentive mechanism; build a rational structure, professional support, a sufficient number, high-quality personnel and create an international project management Jidong, Are familiar with the international engineering design norms, standards, proficiency in the professional design work processes and link complex of high-level management team to continuously upgrade and enhance the company’s core competitiveness and overall strength.

The company firmly grasp the introduction of qualified personnel, personnel training, making good use of personnel of the three key links, strengthen personnel incentive mechanism and create a favorable personnel and Renjinqicai come to the fore, only the best use of the favorable environment. At the same time focus on continuous improvement of the structure of the staff, comprehensively enhance the overall capabilities and competitiveness. Companies adhere to company personnel planning, science and set up positions, with performance evaluation, with career development incentives, to retain people with security, and cultural cohesion, with training and development, continue to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff and creativity, so that the quality of staff and The strategic objectives of enterprises in line with job responsibilities and the match.


Working concept of staff

Open mind:
Sharing the resources and opening self up is the basis of teamwork; solidarity and communication is part of good qualities of staff.

Generous heart:
Know how to appreciate and admire the others’ working result; receptive to different opinions; deal with pressure and challenges in a proper way.

Strong sense of responsibility:
Responsible for the company, customers, yourself and offer to undertake difficulties and responsibilities.

Sense of innovation:
Learn all excellent achievements beneficial to the development of the company, enhance yourself, improve the work; keep up with times and make continuous innovations in work.

Teamwork spirits:
A united one to the outsiders, distinctive to the insiders. Under a common goal, it emphasizes cooperation, joint-development and getting through ups and downs together to bring each member’s good qualities into full play and ensure the teamwork remain forever competitive.